The evolution of human technology has far outpaced the evolution of the things that make us human.

At this point in history, I hope we can choose to advance the evolution of human thought, the human psyche, the human spirit- of humanity itself and therefore the evolution of society, in order to catch up to where our toys and machines are.

In my opinion, the culture’s entrancement with the 1980’s Greed is Good philosophy, such as it was, and the Reaganomics reduction of public funding for and overall cultural devaluation of American Education, Mental Health, Housing, Labor, and Arts, was a more damaging time in American history than most people realize. It was devaluing Humanity while overvaluing technology and money. Always, always money.

Most people usually at least pretend to grasp that people are more important than money, but there are now so many more broken and dysfunctional people, many of them in power, because of a past generation’s passionate embrace with greed.

Whether we evolve or devolve from here remains to be seen.



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