“She’s Crazy”

In all probability, this guy has said that about me to any of his friends/family.

Throughout human history, men have said that in order to run away from responsibility/accountability when women speak truths about the reprehensible behavior of these men.

Concerning “Crazy”:

Compared to the mental health of the man in question…

…I look like Michelle Obama.

I have freely said here and elsewhere that I have longstanding clinical depression and anxiety and have been on medication for this for years. C/PTSD is also in there. In the spring of 2021, from traumas I suffered in childhood and in the wake of my marriage ending, I was suicidal. I received care and was admitted to a psychiatric outpatient program for women with a history of traumatic experiences (such as sexual abuse). Over a period of weeks, I worked hard at it, I got better, and I understood myself and my circumstances better.

I ran afoul of this guy on a dating app- one he later admitted to me he’d been kicked out of- Twice.

This guy doesn’t have my common, garden-variety, community-fish-tank type of mental illness. He’s not a bed of zinnias against a rail fence, or a hobby tank of guppies and mollies.

I’m not a professional but at the very least he has a Cluster B personality disorder and probably several more layers of illness. He’s impulsive. And he’s highly intelligent, although emotionally immature; he enjoys maliciously fooling people, including catfishing strangers on the internet, purely for the fun of it- he told me that the same day he said that item about his wife’s powerlessness concerning his infidelities.

Women Beware.



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