Regardless of everything he claimed and told me, poetic or otherwise- he never cared enough about me to talk to me.

Everything he did, Everything he said, All of what happened with us, which was important- all of it combined.

After all of that, he was unable to do it - to perform the simple act of speaking with me directly and honestly- about any of it. That alone is so shitty, so disappointing….especially from a man who always acted like he was a better person than that, who knew everything better than I did.

He just kept running away from me, literally and figuratively- Sometimes seeming to run in place.

I told him I didn’t care if he did something he was ashamed of, if that’s why he was keeping me away, even though he claimed to be in love with me. I loved him. I meant what I said, every word.

He stabbed me in the back a few times and then left me out in the cold, expecting me to be content with public ‘letters’ in code.

He listened to me cry, and call him out, and he has done and said nothing.

I gave him so much

and all he could do was hide,

and take.



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