You could say

that these artificial carrots

are For Decorative Use Only.

But they can double as bait,

a decoy reward to place quietly


just so

and if you hold your mouth right,

“I just might get a bite”,

they both think to themselves-

the one holding the carrot,

who’s hoping to fool

the rabbit-

who wants a taste

of that lovely carrot,

seemingly placed there just for her.

Every time,

she falls for it

Having Trouble?

whisper ‘Achievement Unlocked’

(she’ll bite)

(she can’t help it)

It’s just a fake orange and green carrot,


a plastic ridge tracing its equator-

a fossil

of the halves of the mold it came from

Just keep moving the carrot away

if she gets too close for comfort


he keeps teasing me, and then turning away

‘What carrot? There’s no carrot’

A long, long trail of breadcrumbs

for a wild goose chase

that’ll tire her out,


She’ll find herself

to be nowhere

with this stack of cryptic telegrams

This is fun, you might enjoy- Room 237 is also good watching, all about the brain that keeps trying to find reason in this haystack of madness.

The Closet Killer after the Brady Bunch was the jarring one I didn’t care for.



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