No, really…

Do you mean that you are planning to go to that lovely-sounding concert? With me? You really mean it?

…Or do you just think it’s cool-sounding?…

Yes, I want to go-

God, yes, that sounds like so much magic fun-

-I felt my throat seizing, had to stop for a minute-

I have to ask what your intent was,


dear love, I can’t tell….

you could have so easily texted me that link and that cheerleader, but instead, you put it on Facebook accompanied only by a cheerleader symbol….so I don’t know if you just want to tell your listeners at large about a cool show,

or if you are looking at me while you’re saying it?

While you’re standing behind a curtain?

….Remember, I can’t take anything for granted, because you tell me so little, and plenty of what I am told is hidden/coded.

Still you’re insisting on leaving me so much latitude for misinterpretation….and notes only appear


on this damned Park Bench out in the wind

As you also already know past experiences are also making me tentative. I keep getting it wrong and getting nothing but dark windows.

Are you asking me to that show? yes or no?

If you don’t plan on saying anything in response to this,

how can you expect me to keep coming here when communicating this way has been making me feel so confused and conflicted, etc?

Trying to figure out what someone is trying to tell me…while also trying to figure out how they feel about me after a bunch of mixed messages…

and you still won’t or can’t address me directly…

Don’t you see how effed up and confused that makes me feel?

Darling, I can’t keep doing this to myself anymore, coming here to see what, if anything, you’re willing to tell me after I pour my heart out for you. I can’t sift through sediment anymore anxiously looking for signs of you.

I love you

I miss you

God, you must know that, right?

After all this time, don’t you, my darling?

Don’t you think you can trust me?

I’m just tired of you keeping me in the metaphorical dark

I know you’re busy. Everyone is busy. Everywhere. And they are still talking with their loved ones, at the same time. Don’t you think you can do that with me?

been enjoying revisiting & discovering various Jefferson Airplane( al ) songs for about a year now




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