May 26, 2022

I bought one ticket to the Sigur Ros show tomorrow night, but I might wind up selling it if I’m not feeling it tomorrow. It’s not a great seat, but neither is it a bad seat- it was one of the last available on the floor, I think. How I wish you wanted to go see it together, with me. This will be somewhat interesting, in that I’ve never gone to a concert by myself; I hope I don’t feel too self-conscious there. I wanted to treat myself to a special experience like this, since it’s been longer than I want to admit since I last went to a Show or something like it. And I am currently quite bored with the routine I have settled into; I really need to enjoy something well out of the ordinary. I’ll be bathing in the music, of course, but I’m also looking forward to the people-watching, which should be good. And now, what to wear….

I liked Grace’s show outfit and demeanor very much, as well as those two songs- but I wanted to ask you: are you looking for your White Rabbit? Or perhaps Alice? They are both here, & would love to talk & have some lovely fun.

You will not find the Red Queen here; however, if you are wanting or needing Somebody To Love- a certain person- she is here too. There is a certain (& only) person she is wanting, and it’s not her ex-husband.

Janis, at Monterey Pop, was taking no prisoners. I like that documentary a lot, and I love that they caught the moment when Cass Elliot was watching Janis and saying “Wow”.

Did you mean for Janis to be singing that from my point of view or yours?

Unfortunately and unglamourously, I have read that the Ghost of Kyiv is a figment of the imagination. You may not believe this, but I have no idea how I have so often checked for a new post from you, and saw that you had just done so only moments/minutes before. I don’t do it on purpose, I think we’re just connected somehow.

If you won’t let me see you and you won’t talk to me, will you tell me why? Will you tell me anything? Ever

A few images to share:

Edward Gorey, super-genius.

Will you tell me why you won’t see me?

Are you seeing the show, too?