A while ago my court date came and went, during which I got my Final Decree papers from the judge, making the divorce official and all. My ex and I are still on great terms and have remained caring and supportive towards each other and our separate lives.

Regardless of what that other guy kept insisting early that particular evening, it really is possible for two people to get a divorce in a mutually peaceful way.

I also have certified copies of my divorce decree in case some asshole I go on a date with asks to see legal proof. In which case I’d probably cut that date short, because I’m not wasting my time with a rude, delusional asshole that doesn’t know any better.

That guy acts like a victim when he’s the abuser, acting hurt after he treated someone like shit and drove them away. If he’s still not working with a professional to get some remedial help, he’s a fucking idiot.



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