-He Gave Me More, He Gave It All To Me

Say Can’t You See?-

I am listening to ‘Silly Love Songs’ because it’s always a balm. The entire ‘Wings Greatest’ album is.

It’s an album that, in my mind, always has and always will be linked to two other albums of the era: Billy Joel’s ‘The Stranger’ and ‘Glass Houses’. This is a result of my father coming out to the car on the start of a long car trip (I think to Walt Disney World) with a stack of 8-track tapes to accompany us. There were others, too- including Linda Ronstadt- but those 3 were the Triumverate.

My family’s car for seemingly an eternity was a 1980(?)Buick Electra Station Wagon (dark green with wood decal) that included an 8-track player that never did die for the car’s enviably long life. Those are 3 albums that, at this point, could be played by putting a microscopic record needle on my DNA helix and amplifying it.

Lately the DNA jukebox has had ‘Silly Love Songs’ in heavy rotation, which has been nice. That album has always been associated with pleasantness in my head anyway, because when those tapes were playing, the moods in the car were most likely buoyant. I deeply love those 3 albums and never got sick of them.

Now, ‘Wings Greatest’ has become even more beloved to me. I’m listening to it now because it makes me feel a little better and not forgotten.

The ex is out late tonight on a date, so I will have some solitude. The tv is under my exclusive control. Yet I have so many books piled up, perhaps I should play records and read in peace. (In fact, Read In Peace might make a good library Halloween phrase…she thought, like a fucking nerd of all time.)


I’ll go for a twilight walk first. Usually a good idea.

…….. — * — ……..

Working on, Not done:




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