Hm. Hmmmm whaddaya know:

Leave No Trace, huh? Been a problem for years? Hm. Dang-

Oh hey hi how are you:

Hmmmmmm big surprise

This is one thing he’s dedicated a significant amount of his effort in life towards: fakery, in different forms. Making and wearing masks to cover up the black hole at his core that will never be filled.

For example, take a good look at the company he made up, possibly not for the first time. Originally, I thought the social media presence of this supposed company claiming to be devoted to democratizing access to healthcare was an oddly chosen roster of platforms, with posts that had the somewhat stilted syntax of someone speaking English as a second language. After a while, I became suspicious. When this company “clapped” one mysterious clap for a post I wrote sharing a certain personal story I wanted to share with him, I knew he did it, but I was curious as to how exactly he was involved with the online presence of this entity, and why he chose to clap with some corporation’s hands instead of his own. Then I got more suspicious.

It became apparent that the company didn’t exist. All the effort this dumb bastard wasted to fake this thing could have just as easily been put into something real that could have actually made a difference, but no. He can’t choose anything but fakery, since all he has inside is a vacuum. Possibly antimatter. Can’t front-load that, right? No. As my father has uttered in the past when ‘kiss my ass’ wasn’t enough, he can ‘Eat Shit & Bark At The Moon’.

At his precious Burning Man this summer I wish they’d burn his sick, lying ass- he can be their Man. Fuck building yet another statue and all on the playa- just dangle him from a crane all week, then ask around for a lighter.

I hope Burning Man loses their ass in that lawsuit, or at least loses. That event enables, according to my calculations, a Goddamn Fuckton of waste and shitty dark behavior that lurks, snickering, behind a big beaded curtain hanging in the middle of the desert. So stupid. Just so that a bunch of overly wealthy people can feed their egos and indulge their basest impulses and build something that’s only meant to be destroyed. The majority are just growing donkey ears and tails, and braying. Have 70,000 people fly and drive thousands of miles- cause all that pollution- to build a gigantic temporary pretend Blazing Saddles outdoor art experience and Happening space in a desert, then party and burn it. No trace left behind, except everyone’s unclaimed shame. It makes me angry thinking of all the actual permanent decent living spaces for people in need that might be in existence now around our country if these selfish jerks would channel the same money and drive to build something truly beneficial. How can we accept putting on an event like Burning Man- building an actual Pleasure Island in a remote desert just to burn it down after a couple weeks- every year- when *masses* of Americans live in substandard housing or no housing at all?

Yes I know that they can claim the whole thing is a work of art, excusing the enterprise as virtuous. Yeah. Some people like to grab Art and use it as a shield to cower behind, or hide something. All different kinds of art can be utilized- poetry included. These people aren’t artists, they’re just hedonistic bullshitters; they’ve always given real artists a bad name, infesting the world with their wasteful assholery, in their hollow pursuits.

We’re not talking about thousands of Rothkos, Duchamps, Banksys, and Cindy Shermans, here. Alice Neel is not there wearing body paint and engaging in a little public fucking.

Hey: I was lucky enough to see the first Lollapalooza tour and had one of the best experiences of my life, I went to art school before the internet, and I’m a sexually kinky person. I love counterculture, and this isn’t about prudery. Whatever the original intent was, what it is now is mostly stupid. Wasteful and harmful. The ones that mean well and give things away and try to keep it about expression or environmentalism don’t outweigh shit like the billionaires partying in pop up resorts trucked out in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Nothing but bullshit- all of it. And all of him. Nothing.

He’s not even there, really. A walking costume.




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