“All wise men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.”

That’s a very good quote.

Mr. Churchill was loaded with great lines as well as being just loaded. Seriously, I’ve always liked that guy- not everything he did, maybe, but they don’t make ’em like that very often anymore (or ever).

I’m intensely curious to know what this wise man has learned so far. I wonder what your experience with this was/is like, how you are feeling, so many things. Have you learned anything new about us?

Are you with someone new, now?

I am not.

Still just me and the cats- since I had to say goodbye to my dear sweet Randall yesterday morning. There’s a specialized veterinary service here that does this for pet owners at their home, not in an exam room- the vet and the vet tech were both very good. I’m glad Randall’s not burdened with cancer anymore, but God he was truly a great and wonderful cat and I do miss him. It was breaking my heart to watch him cheerfully hobble through his routine, getting thinner and thinner, the inoperable tumor growing and growing. He got more and more tired, although the steroids and pain meds made him more comfortable. I was watching him closely for any sign of his routine becoming a burden. I finally saw some signs the night before last, and I knew it was time. It sucks.

Interestingly, Bossy Marie has been seemingly looking for Randall since yesterday morning. Last night she smelled the sofa very intently right where he died, and curled up there for the evening. I think she also looked for him in the garage. From a couple months ago, here is a photo of Bossy the way I found her at 3:00 AM when I had to get up and go downstairs to the kitchen:

She looks like she’s waiting up late to kill a vampire or something! That face! I just found it hilarious that she decided to curl up right next to a chef’s knife. Watch out. She’ll cut you.
She also likes to lurk behind the old Fisher Price A-Frame house that the Weebles are apparently thinking of buying. For a few years, I collected whatever cool old toys like that I could find in thrifts and such, and the A-Frame was the most exciting find.

But yes, I am still alone, and no, I have not gone back on any dating apps since we were together. I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’m going to do any of those apps again.

You’re still in my mind all the time back there, lurking like Bossy behind my A-Frame House, being all sexy and fascinating and amazing. And gone.

And probably with someone else by now.

And that’s probably why he’s not talking to me.

He never wants to see me again, and I can’t seem to learn that.



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