What am I doing here? I feel like I’m just successfully getting through every day instead of living a life. I feel like I’m disappearing, and no one could ever really hear or see me, anyway.

When I heard this one as a teenager, the sound of it felt very close to the terrible feeling in my heart and my body that would sometimes recede, but never go away. It still won’t go away.

“You aren’t never going anywhere,

I ain’t never going anywhere.”



Thank you.

But no more puzzles-

(I told you before)

I thought you were coming back like a hurricane, but all I currently see in my forecast is ordinary rain. The storm is off somewhere else, far away from me. And storms don’t talk, unfortunately. So, Nothing out of the ordinary expected, is that it?…... Until possibly October 27?……but that… that is still unconfirmed, naturally.

Thank you for letting me know you’re alive, though. I love you.