Look at me

you know who I mean

the one you ran around on constantly who died,

and me,


the one you killed.

we are two and we’re staying

we’re following you wherever you go

looking at you

our longhaired ghosts are baleful and challenging

when we’re not reminding you

of how absolutely divine we were

how scrumptious and soft and sweet

and vicious

I don’t give a damn what happens to you

She has gone on

But we are never leaving your side

One for each arm

You’ll have to keep trying to avoid our faces

and forget the black hole in your chest

for the rest

of your days

you did this

to yourself



As always

if I have gotten something grievously wrong,

and/or you feel strongly enough about something to want to communicate directly and honestly with me about it,

you know perfectly well how to get in touch with me and talk with me-

you have my phone number and my address

as well as the remains of my heart, as it was

do what you want with what is left

I might post more here

or I might not

(1955 Lady and the Tramp )